The 20 x Trusted RPM Vintage Rolex Dealers

These are the best 20 x international vintage Rolex are active as trusted dealer on RPM -> 


  1. From Carmel it’s Fourtane with Josh Bonifas —>
  2. From Padua Italia its Elvio Piva–>
  3. From New York it’s Andrew Shear–>
  4. From London it’s Roberto Randazzo–>
  5. From Los Angelas it Alex Cianni–>
  6. From Naples, Italia it’s Fabricio & Roberto Caso–>
  7. From Beverly Hills it’s Justin Gruenberg–>
  8. From Miami it’s Matt Bain–>
  9. From San Fransisco it’s Eric Ku–>
  10. From Barcelona & Madrid its Umberto Ventura and Ignacio Coll ->
  11. From London & Geneva it’s Daniel Bourn–>
  12. From Prato Italia its Stefano Mazzariol–>
  13. From U.S. & Swiss it’s Stephan Medam–>
  14. From Monte Carlo it’s Corrado Mattarelli–>
  15. From Lugano it’s Davide Parmegiani–> 
  16. From Brussel, Belgium it’s Antoine Rauis–>
  17. From München, it’s Ralf Meertz–>
  18.  From Geneva it’s Laurent Ponti–>
  19. From Dubai it’s Tariq Malik –>
  20. From Paris it’s Jerome Fellous–>


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Philipp Stahl