Stop wondering, start knowing

There are many ways to buy or sell a vintage Rolex or Patek Philippe watch. No matter how you trade, there is always this nagging question about trust. Not just about the originality of the watch, but also about the person you are dealing with. Initiator Philipp Stahl and a team of selected dealers acknowledged the growing need for a trusted vintage Rolex marketplace and founded Rolex Passion Market.

At Rolex Passion Market, we want to put an end to your trading headache. As seasoned vintage Rolex experts, we guarantee authentic watches and match trustworthy sellers with buyers. What does this mean for you? Every watch offered at Rolex Passion Market is 100% genuine in terms of condition, quality and provenance. Our thorough investigation makes Rolex Passion Market your first stop when buying vintage Rolex.

Call us crazy, but we don’t charge you any fee for linking you with available sellers. Why? Because our aim is to create a community of true vintage Rolex aficionados. A network where passion for Rolex unites, and friendships are made. Recently I updated our platform to RPM* Rolex Patek Market, we now offer you next to Rolex also Patek Philippe. The both undisputed No 1. leading international watch brands.

We take pride in our no regrets approach. As buyer, you will have ease of mind and can stay focused on your dream: building up your desired vintage Rolex & Patek collection.


How it works

Trusted collection
The watches on display at Rolex Patek Market all come from trusted dealers friends. A select group of passionate people I know personally through my extensive vintage Rolex network. We screen every watch on authenticity and check all claims concerning watch service and accompanying papers, before we publish it on Rolex Patek Market. Our extensive knowledge and worldwide reputation is your guarantee.

RPM Dealer

A trusted RPM dealer is a vintage Rolex / Patek Philippe dealer who has earned his reputation by doing an considerable amount of satisfying deals. We know this person myself and have monitored his offers and / or done business with him personally. In the international vintage Rolex community people speak good about him and he’s keeping his customers happy. Not necessarily he’s having the biggest collection of Paul Newman’s 0r 1518’s but in his region he’s known for his wide assortiment. Besides that he’s a passionated Rolex lover who really cares what he sells, adores the great stories some of his watches have and is never tired of explaining and sharing his knowledge.

Contact us
Send us a message via our contact form on Rolex Passion Market, if you would like to have more information. Our expertise is your knowledge base for all your vintage Rolex & PPC queries, so feel free to ask any questions.

We will liaise you with the trusted seller of your preferred vintage Rolex & Patek Philippe when you react on a inquire.

The process in a nutshell: