Stefano Mazzariol

+39 0586 880427

via Querceto 27/29
59100 Prato

Anyone interested in vintage Rolex has undoubtedly come across one of the many publications by Stefano Mazzariol. Owner of Prato, Italy based Vintage Watches, Stefano keeps the heartbeat alive of the online Italian watch forum Orologi & Passioni. His research on vintage Rolex is epic, his book on the Rolex Daytona is a must read for all interested in this legendary model. His passion for vintage Rolex has recently led to the launch of Watch Club, an Italian monthly magazine revealing Rolex to the most detailed level. Stefano has been super helpful in researching and educating us vintage Rolex lovers with many of his brilliant studies. I personally have visited his blog many times to learn to understand the important details better. He was also one of the very first to write a detailed book about the iconic Rolex Daytona, which is here for sale!