Daniel Bourn


+44 7977 469 568 (London)

Developed a keen interest in collecting with a particular bias towards cars & mechanical watches from a young age. His passion was further fuelled whilst working as an banker in Geneva during the 1990s, which led him to focus more specifically on vintage wristwatches produced by the leading Swiss watch manufacturers from 1950 onwards. This unique background has provided him with not only an understanding & appreciation of the very specific requirements of his clients, but an expert eye for the details that are essential when buying or selling the finest ‘investment grade’ vintage timepieces.

For the last 15 years he has used his expertise to advise and curate important collections of exceptional “investment grade” vintage watches for private clients. Daniel is recognised as a leading authority on the nuances of vintage Rolex sports watches, specifically those issued for use in the dive exploration industry & by the UK Special Forces. Described by UK based curators ‘Vintage Seekers’ as ‘London’s leading vintage Rolex expert’, he has provided regular consultation, advice & catalogue contributions to various international auction houses in the sale of collectable vintage watches.”