Laurent Ponti

+41 22 310 18 00

3, Rue du Port
1204 Genève

With my first salary in 1987 I bought my first nice watch, a Handwind Rolex Daytona. I was lucky to find it second hand as, at the time, I couldn’t afford a new one costing CHF 1870.-. Since then, my friends, and later theirs, started asking me to find them their dream watches. Without really considering it, I became a watch dealer.

In 2001, I opened my shop at 3 rue du Port, in Geneva. Coming from a family of jewellers, I still design jewellery even though I mainly sell vintage watches. Having many connections in the city of watchmaking, I can certify and repair the watches sold in my shop. Another passion of mine are motorbikes, which I own a small collection. Fifteen years later, I have the honour of being a recognised and trusted RPM seller on the great label