What will be the HOT Rolex for 2020?

What will be the hot Rolex for 2020?

In general I believe that we will see a continues growth of exceptional quality for any kind of Rolex reference. Not much will change in 2020 what didn’t already start in 2019. Collectors want the best and rarest pieces in their collection. 2019 was a more conservative year,  a lot of owners decided to wait and see how the market would react on the rumored crisis. We saw price correction in the middle segment specially for those pieces that went up significantly in the past years like Big Red Daytona’s. There where any Paul Newman Daytona sold high in the last years we now see that only perfect Paul Newman’s achieve a premium. The market has become much more mature and collector know exactly what they want and only buy when it meets their expectations. Iconic references are always sought after.

In 2019 not the same quality has been offered for sale during auctions compared to earlier years. Beter quality deserves a higher price. For example the Lemon 6264 Daytona sold below $1million recently at Phillips but at the same time a really great one sold for more then $1million privately. The buyers are there but couldn’t find best at sales. Same story about offered RCO, it was not perfect. Collectors do want to pay million+ for perfect but problem is these Rolex are very rare and didn’t came up at auction.

I think 2019 was a very important and good year although the talks about crisis etc. In 2020 we will see more important Rolex coming for sale because collectors noticed that the sky didn’t fall and results are still great for honest condition. Besides that the second hand and vintage market is exploding by all attention we get worldwide. The future looks bright for exceptional Rolex that’s for sure…

My gut feeling tells me that the following vintage Rolex models will perform higher in 2020:

Pump Pusher Daytonas.

Important Submariners and perfect tropical dials.

Early Oyster Chronographs.

All GMT Masters.

Early Explorer.

Gold Daytona & Submariners.

Most logically Rolex will finally introduce an updated and vintage inspired new Milgauss & Explorer 2 at Basel world, which will have a positive effect of the prices of Ref 1019’s and Ref 1655’s…