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Year of issue: 1952
Reference number: 6108
Condition: worn
Status: reserved
Dealer country: Italy
Dealer name: Caso Watches
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ROLEX OYSTER PERPETUAL REF. 6108 SEMI-BUBBLEBACK Rolex introduced the Bubbleback in the early 1930s, and it was the company's best seller for nearly 20 years. It was produced in fairly large quantities in a variety of metals, case shapes, and dial designs. The nickname Bubbleback derives from the typical highly rounded shape of the casebacks, which was caused by the rather large dimensions of the automatic calibers used by Rolex during that period. Another important feature of the Bubbleback watches is the fact that they were equipped with automatic movements and waterproof cases, both exceptional and surprising features for a wristwatch at that time. In the mid-1950s Rolex began to use thinner calibers such as the "645" which made it possible to make the caseback less domed. This 6108 is equipped with the caliber "645" and is a rare Rolex "Semi Bubbleback" reference. The present Rolex Oyster Perpetual 6108 is a very rare reference, made around the mid-1950s for a very short period of time. The main features of the present specimen are the caliber "645", the 34mm Oyster case and the presence of radium on hands and indexes. Another distinguishing feature is the "Oyster Perpetual" inscription at 12 of the clock along with the Super Oyster Crown. The radium on the hands has left a charming light spot on the dial over time, something that is very common on watches with this luminous material on the hands. The overall condition is very good, the dial has a nice vintage patina, the case matches the original shapes, the movement works perfectly. All components are original and correct for the watch including dial, movement, caseback, bezel. Year 1952, diameter 34mm, Serial Number 803,XXX.


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