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Year of issue: 1978
Reference number: 6263
Condition: worn
Status: available
Dealer country: Italy
Dealer name: Caso Watches
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ROLEX DAYTONA REF. 6263 CREAM DIAL Reference 6263 and 6265 were both introduced in the late 1960s, replacing the reference 6240, the first waterproof Cosmograph Daytona. The reference 6263 and 6265 are identical except for the bezel, although both feature a tachymetric bezel, on the 6265 it is made of steel, while on the 6263 it is made of black acrylic. Both were produced for almost 20 years until 1987 and featured a variety of different dials. One of the rarest dial variants is the so-called "Cream" dial, as the one installed in the present specimen. This type of dial was nicknamed by collectors "Cream" due to its warmer hue compared to the normal grey dial, which is due to the Soleil lacquer finish that was originally applied during the production process. This particular dial variant appeared in the 6263/6265 references produced from the late 70s to early 80s. The present example of Rolex Daytona reference 6263 has been worn with care and attention and is in excellent general condition with perfect non-stretch bracelet, sharp case, perfectly functioning caliber 727 and immaculate dial with all tritium plots present and responsive to UV light. The bezel is original to the watch, it shows slight signs of aging but no cracks or severe damage. All components of the watch are correct for the production period: "Cream" dial, 727 unnumbered caliber, second series bezel, 24-p301 pushers, triple lock crown, CRS caseback. This is a wonderful watch - the perfect timepiece for anyone looking for a great example of the Daytona 6263. Serial Number 5,582,XXX, Year 1978.


Caso Watches


Birth of a Horological Icon Timepiece  The myth around the iconic Rolex Daytona has spread around the world recent years. Always has the Daytona model been attached to motor racing, at first Rolex called their new Cosmograph the “Le Mans” and little later to “Daytona” when Rolex started to sponsor the well known U.S. speedway.
Cosmograph: a name that was to be the forerunner of great fortune. Actually, the choice of the name proved to be neither easy nor expected. Whilst Rolex on the one hand flirted with the car-racing world, on the other hand it could not remain unaware of the vast media attention, which at that time was surrounding the conquest of outer space.