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Year of issue: 1989
Reference number: 17014
Condition: worn
Status: available
Dealer country: Italy
Dealer name: Caso Watches
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ROLEX DATEJUST OYSTERQUARTZ REF. 17014 WHITE DIAL WITH PAPERS The Rolex Oysterquartz is an interesting piece in Rolex's history. It was introduced in the late 1970s and produced until the early 2000s. What set the Oysterquartz apart from other Rolex watches is its movement, which was quartz rather than the traditional mechanical movement found in most Rolex timepieces. The quartz movement was seen as innovative at the time for its accuracy and reliability. Rolex's engineering advancements with the Oysterquartz caliber were so significant that the term 'Oysterquartz' is prominently stamped on the dial of every Oysterquartz timepiece. The Oysterquartz models were characterized by their distinct angular case designs, which were quite different from the classic rounded cases of Rolex's mechanical watches. They were available in various styles, including Datejust and Day-Date models. This Rolex Datejust Oysterquartz reference 17014 exemplifies the exceptional craftsmanship of this unique Rolex timepiece. Produced in the late 1980s and accompanied by its original papers, this watch boasts a distinctive fluted bezel, in accordance with its reference 17014 designation; notably, the reference 17000 featured a smooth bezel, while the 17013 model was crafted in steel and gold with a yellow gold fluted bezel. All components are original and correct for the period of production. The dial showcases tritium markers and hands, and appropriately bears the COSC designation as the brand certified all its Datejust Oysterquartz watches with COSC from the early 1980s. The watch houses the caliber 5035, perfectly suited to this model. The bracelet and caseback exhibit all the correct period markings for this specific model. Remarkably preserved, this timepiece boasts original factory finishes, a bracelet with no signs of stretch, and a flawless dial. Serial Number R,410,XXX, Diameter 36mm, Year 1989, sold in 1997.


Caso Watches


The year 1945 saw the birth of the Datejust, the first self‑winding wrist chronometer to indicate the date in a window on the dial. A watch of great distinction, the Datejust was equipped with a Jubilee bracelet created specially for it and a fluted bezel, making it immediately recognisable as a Rolex. It is the pillar of the Oyster collection. Initially for men, it became available in various models for women in the course of the following decade.