RPM interview with Stephane Medam

As a recurring feature here on RPM I like to start with a questionary by asking each trusted dealer the same list of interesting questions we like to know about him. Find today below the first interview with Stephane Medam.


# Which watch made your heart skip a beat during your worldwide search for vintage models?

  • Stephane: This Rolex Daytona Ref 6263 with light brown tropical sub dials


# Which vintage watch would you never sell?



# Which watch do you regret not having bought?

# Tell us your greatest vintage watch anecdote of your collecting history


# What was your most lucrative deal?

# How far did you go to get your hands on a particular vintage watch?

# Describe the perfect day for you as watch collector.

# Most collectors look for quality, age, uniqueness and complications. How do you calibrate the value of a vintage watch to avoid overpayment?

# Which features are your core collection criteria, year, model, style, complication, material or …?

# Should a collector always strive for a 100% original vintage watch or are periodically correct but not- authentic-to-watch parts allowed?

# Which brand met/exceeded your expectations in terms of creating a true vintage watch identity? Which brand could have done better in terms of creating a true vintage watch identity?

# Which brand is the dark horse at the moment, having potential to gain collector’s interest in the near future?

# Which contemporary watch models have the potential to become the classics of tomorrow?


# Do you expect a shift in collecting vintage watches towards less rare models, given the high prices the extraordinary examples fetch at auctions?

# Do you think collecting vintage watches has become a bubble of ever increasing prices that will burst one day?

# The word passion is used frequently in the vintage watch community to mark a common driver to collect. Isn’t this word misused too often nowadays and collecting has become a cold hard cash business?

# What is your view on the development of the increasing number fake vintage watches that are almost impossible to detect with only the eye?

# How would you compare vintage car collecting with vintage watch collecting? What are the differences and similarities?


# The art world resembles a meritocracy where talent eventually is achieves the highest status. Do you see any similarities compared to the vintage watch world?

# Two events are organised at the same time: a classic car fair displaying some of the rarest vintage cars out there and a vintage watch fair showing some of the most complicated watches ever made. Which event will you attend and why?


# If you could travel back in time, who would you choose to have lunch with: Hans Wilsdorf or Antoni Patek & Adrien Philippe? 

# What is your golden tip for novice collectors? 

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