Year of issue: 1946
Reference number: 1415
Condition: worn
Status: reserved
Dealer country: Italy
Dealer name: Caso Watches
Price in EUR € n/a


PATEK PHILIPPE WORLD TIME REF. 1415 The Patek Philippe World Time watches were created in response to the increasing demand for accurate timekeeping during the globalization period of the early 20th century. The brand partnered with Louis Cottier, who invented the World Time mechanism that enabled wearers to see the time in multiple cities around the world simultaneously. After the production of a few prototypes, Patek Philippe released the World Time reference 1415, the first watch to feature this technology in regular production. The watch had a 24-hour ring with a small sun and moon icon or two applied gold dots for noon and midnight. The outer rotating bezel had cities engraved on it, and the number of cities displayed varied depending on the final destination. The Patek Philippe World Time reference 1415 had plain silver dials with Roman, Arabic, or Breguet indexes, but some had cloisonné enamel dials depicting continents. These rare and highly sought-after watches can fetch significant prices at international auctions. In 1954, the reference 1415 was replaced by the reference 2523. Today, the World Time reference 1415 is one of the most valuable and desirable vintage watches, thanks to its rarity, historical significance, and exceptional craftsmanship. The present Patek Philippe Reference 1415 is an exceptional specimen of this exclusive reference. Developed in collaboration with the renowned Genevan watchmaker Cottier, Reference 1415 was the first serially produced world time watch by Patek Philippe. Only around 85 of these watches were manufactured, and even fewer have resurfaced on the market. Therefore, this watch represents a unique opportunity for Patek Philippe collectors to add a true grail to their collection. In addition to its rarity, the watch is remarkably well-preserved. The dial is flawless, without any stains or scratches, and the 12-120 HU caliber still functions perfectly. Although the case has undergone some light polishing in the past, it remains consistent with the original factory proportions. An extract from the archives confirms its production in 1946 and sale in 1949. While the watch was originally sold on a leather strap, an original Patek Philippe bracelet has been added to it at some point. Serial Number 647,XXX, Year 1946.


Caso Watches