Year of issue: 1997
Reference number: 5080
Condition: worn
Status: available
Dealer country: Italy
Dealer name: Caso Watches
Price in EUR € On request


PATEK PHILIPPE NEPTUNE REFERENCE 5080 SALMON DIAL Introduced in 1996, the Neptune watch collection emerged as a compelling alternative to the Nautilus, which, ironically, faced limited desirability in the market during that period. Designed as a revitalizing force within Patek Philippe's sports watch category, the innovative Neptune found its place alongside the concurrently unveiled Aquanaut. The distinctive case design, featuring prominent crown guards, presented a bold aesthetic that is only now gaining the recognition it truly deserves. The ref. 5080/1A, a time-only with date model powered by caliber 315SC, underwent production from 1996 to 2002, offering a range of dial variations such as silver, black, and salmon—a dial color highly coveted and regarded as one of the most sought-after creations by the esteemed Patek Philippe brand. The present Patek Philippe Neptune reference 5080/1A stands as a pristine example of this rare Patek Philippe wristwatch. Highlighting the highly sought-after salmon-copper dial and the distinctive and beautiful steel bracelet, the 5080/1A represents an exceptionally undervalued timepiece, considering its historical significance within the Neptune collection. With a unique and distinctive aesthetic that sets it apart from the typical Patek watches, this watch would make a fantastic addition for anyone seeking a discreet yet noteworthy timepiece from Patek. The overall condition is excellent, with the watch remaining untouched and retaining its original factory finish. The dial is in mint condition, the caliber functions flawlessly, and the bracelet shows no signs of stretching. Accompanied by an Extract from the archives, this watch comes with confirmation of all its features including the copper-salmon dial and the date of sale in 1997. Serial Number 4,002,XXX Diameter 36mm.


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