Model: ,
Year of issue: 1951
Reference number: 1579
Condition: worn
Status: sold
Dealer country: Italy
Dealer name: Caso Watches
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PATEK PHILIPPE CHRONOGRAPH REF. 1579 YELLOW GOLD The Patek Philippe reference 1579 is widely recognized as one of the most significant chronographs ever produced by the esteemed Geneva company. It stands out prominently due to its unique square buttons and distinctive spider lugs, which are exclusive to this particular model. The 1579 is the only mass-produced Patek Philippe chronograph featuring these distinct lug shapes. Another notable characteristic of the reference 1579 is its relatively larger size for the time, measuring 36mm. This was uncommon during the period, as elegant watches typically had smaller dimensions. From the early 1940s until the mid-1960s, Patek Philippe manufactured the 1579 in yellow, rose gold, steel, and platinum across two distinct series. The first series of the 1579 showcases rectangular indexes and Arabic numerals, while the second series, like this example, features Arabic numerals and square indexes. Collectors are particularly drawn to the 1579 for its unique lug design and its larger 36mm size, making well-preserved examples highly sought-after in the market. This particular Patek Philippe reference 1579 is an exceptional timepiece, made even rarer by its overall spectacular condition. The watch has been preserved incredibly well, and the yellow gold case is still in its original factory shape, retaining sharp lugs and well-defined gold hallmarks, further adding to its value and desirability. The flawless dial shows no signs of aging, still showing the accent on Genève script. In addition to its rarity and pristine condition, this Patek Philippe reference 1579 is powered by one of the best chronograph calibers ever developed, the in-house 13-130, 23 jewels caliber with Geneva Seal. The watch is accompanied by a Patek Philippe extract from the archives confirming date of manufacture 1951 and date of sale May 1952. Serial Number 664,XXX , Movement Number 668,XXX , Diameter 36mm.


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