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Aspa Nihonbashi, 2-1-1 NIhonbashi Hongoku-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo,103-0021 - Japan

I began collecting vintage watches in the mid 1980 ‘s. At that time, I was in my early 20’s and although I was drawn to Patek Philippe from the beginning, it took me some time to build the necessary capital to purchase one. Once I did, I never stopped. My first Patek Philippe was a yellow gold 96, which continues to be one of my very favorite watches. Wearing it gave me a feeling that I will never forget and set me on my course to becoming first a serious collector and then a professional dealer. I began by visiting many of the major auction houses, speaking with industry insiders, and studying archival material. There was so much to learn – almost endless information – but through the years I remained dedicated, passionate, and always true to the craft. My attention to detail and perfectionist personality matched well the requirements of being a vintage connoisseur, and I began to earn a strong reputation in the field for my eye and expertise.

From what was first a hobby grew my current career as a vintage Patek dealer. The skills and knowledge that I accumulated collecting for myself came to serve a purpose for others with the same passion and direction: my personal interest became valuable to others, and I found this to be my professional calling. I select and sell only the very best quality Patek Philippe timepieces and every watch without original paperwork is accompanied with an Extract from the Archives. I contract local technicians or the Patek Phillipe Service Center directly with any repair or fine tuning that may be required. I am also happy to assist those who wish to sell their watches on commission, or to support collectors in search of specific or rare vintage Patek. Please contact me with any questions, I am happy to help as I may.

I continue to study Patek Philippe watches, everyday, and I hope to support everyone in meeting the perfect vintage Patek for them.