Cosimo Watches

Bas is an ex Dutch watchmaker of the Richmond group primarily working for Panerai as well for other brands. After 8 years he realized that he prefered the love for the hunt and chase for a new watch rather than the technical side. He started his own company called Cosimo-Watches in 2009 in the Netherlands. Bas has been a long time friend of mine, we’ve been traveling to the Geneva auctions together for many years. His keen eye for detail has brought him many clients from around the world. He’s a wizard knowing everything about movements, references and special details. Besides the big watch brands Rolex he carefully curated a selection of vintage watches, especially Chronographs across all brands. He’s always one step ahead and currently he has a fetisj for hand-wind Daytona’s, early Bubbleback’s and waterproof watches with cases made by FB. I’m honored that Bas is joining RPM now, he’s a great addition for the Benelux but mostly sells his exclusive stock around the world.