Ali Nael


2ToneVintage Watches
428 River Valley #02-11
Singapore 248327

Ali Nael is a passionate watch collector and a Patek Phillippe aficionado. Over the last decade, he travelled the world to source the best watches for his collection subsequently developing detailed eyes and experience in the field. His collection is well known for its quality and originality. He follows the same strict discipline and high standards in his business. Following his passion, he established 2ToneVintage watches based in Singapore. 2ToneVintage buy and sell vintage and selected contemporary watches from established brands like Patek Philippe, Rolex, Vacheron & Constantin, Omega and Longines etc.. 2toneVintage is focused on high-end collectable grade watches, carefully curated with emphasis on quality, originality and rarity, satisfying the needs of new and seasoned collectors alike.

My passion, skills and know-how are shared with you. From a collector to collectors will always be my approach. I’m available round the clock to answer your questions, feel free to reach out to buy, sell or simply to assist you with an advice.