Model: ,
Year of issue: 2012
Reference number: 116598RBOW
Condition: mint
Status: available
Dealer country: Monaco
Dealer name: Corrado Mattarelli
Price in EUR € 385.000


Amazing example of yellow gold Daytona Rainbow ref. 116598RBOW, manufactured in 2012. Bedazzled with multi-colored sapphire-set bezel, the Rolex ref. 116598RBOW is named the “Rainbow” with no surprise. Rolex has always been at the forefront when it comes to incorporating new materials to be featured in a timepiece. In this case, the notable feature is without a doubt the multi-colored sapphire-set bezel. Precisely cherry picked by Rolex gemologists, each and every colored sapphire selected to form and mimic the spectrum of the rainbow in graduation requires a rigorous process. The tones range from a vibrant and intense deep red morphed into warm zesty orange, shades of green, blue and purple. 

Extremely meticulous and tough to execute, the gem-setting requires each individual gemstone to be cut to the exact measurements to ensure a perfect fit on the bezel. As a result, reference 116598RBOW is extremely rare with only a handful of examples manufactured every year. Introduced in 2012, the first iteration of the reference is encased in yellow gold. In the following year, a white gold example was launched and in recent times the latest iteration of the reference was introduced 2018 encased in pink gold. Due to the difficulty in sourcing these stones, subjecting them to Rolex’s high standards, production numbers remain extremely low and only a handful have surfaced at auction. Preserved in outstanding condition, the present watch is also accompanied by its original guarantee. It definitely represents a rare opportunity to get one of the rarest and most sought-after Daytonas. Cal.: Automatic, cal. 4130 Diam.: 40mm Box & Papers: Original Rolex Guarantee Manufactured in: 2012


Corrado Mattarelli


Birth of a Horological Icon Timepiece  The myth around the iconic Rolex Daytona has spread around the world recent years. Always has the Daytona model been attached to motor racing, at first Rolex called their new Cosmograph the “Le Mans” and little later to “Daytona” when Rolex started to sponsor the well known U.S. speedway.
Cosmograph: a name that was to be the forerunner of great fortune. Actually, the choice of the name proved to be neither easy nor expected. Whilst Rolex on the one hand flirted with the car-racing world, on the other hand it could not remain unaware of the vast media attention, which at that time was surrounding the conquest of outer space.