Rolex Submariner ref. 5513

Year of issue: 1971
Reference number: 5513
Condition: hardly worn
Status: sold
Dealer country: Italy
Price in EUR € n/a


Rolex Submariner ref. 5513 Serial numbers 28082** , 1971

Case: in very good condition worn but never polished Serial and ref. numbers are perfect between the lugs

Dial: Original Rolex Dial Mk1 Feet First (made by Singer) with fantastic Patina Very good condition

Glass: original Rolex glass 70’s Tropic 19 Domed Very good condition

Bezel: original Rolex Bezel year 1971 Very good condition

Tube and winding crown: original Rolex short tube with original Rolex Crown 1971 Very good condition

Bracelet: original Rolex Oyster ref. 93250/580 year 2002 in very good condition

Accessories: none



Rolex Submariner ref. 5513 Seriale numero 28082** , 1971

Cassa: in ottime condizioni usata ma mai lucidata Seriale e referenza sono perfettamente visibili tra le anse

Quadrante: quadrante originale Rolex MK1 Feet First (prodotto da Singer) patina eccezionale In ottime condizioni

Vetro: vetro originale Rolex anni ’70 Tropic 19 Domed Ottime condizioni

Ghiera: ghiera originale Rolex anno 1971 Ottime condizioni

Tubo e Corona di carica: originale tubo corto e corona di carica Rolex anno 1971 Ottime condizioni

Bracciale: bracciale originale Rolex Oyster ref. 93250/580 anno 2002 In ottime condizioni

Accessori: nessuno


Stefano Mazzariol

The Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner is without a doubt one of the most successful Rolex models in history. Not only because it more than aptly served its purpose as diver’s watch, although I am pretty sure only a small number of Submariners has ever seen a spat of water. Its appearance in several James Bond movies certainly helped as well. If you omit functionality and marketing, the Submariner success is mainly due to its elegance as a timeless dress watch. It’s just one of those watches you keep looking at, regardless of wanting to know the time of day. The Submariner was launched in 1953 and officially presented at the Basel Fair in 1954. Check out my RPReport about the Rolex Submariner History by following this link...