Year of issue: 1917
Reference number: 11
Condition: worn
Status: available
Dealer country: United States
Price in US $ On request


Oversized curved Patek Philippe wristwatch, made in 1920, sold May 1927
The ref. 11 entered production in 1917 and stayed in the line until approximately 1932. Massive in size, yet perfectly proportioned for the wrist, this elegant reference is a holy grail for collectors today. Fresh to market and just back from a Patek Philippe restoration in Geneva, this 100-year icon of design offers a museum quality specimen. Less than three dozen ref. 11 are known to exist today and this newly discovered watch is the thirty-first to surface. Many examples of this reference have succumbed to the abuses of time such as moisture or shock, yet this piece has survived and has a new brilliance thanks to the restoration by Patek Philippe. Perhaps the 172-week service estimate, and nearly 20,000 USD repair bill, may have ended this watch’s useful existence but the perseverance and dedication of the previous owner has resulted in a total overall of this watch to it near original glory. Re-pivoting of the movement, and new vintage-style gold spring bars from Patek Philippe have given this watch a new lease on life. Beautiful on the wrist, this watch is a study in the true value of Patek Philippe’s restoration work.    


John Reardon