Year of issue: 1971
Reference number: 3587
Condition: worn
Status: available
Dealer country: Italy
Dealer name: Caso Watches
Price in EUR € On request


PATEK PHILIPPE BETA 21 REF. 3587 In the late 1960s, Swiss watchmakers were facing increasing competition from quartz watches, which were cheaper and more accurate than traditional mechanical watches. In response, a consortium of Swiss watchmakers, including Patek Philippe, decided to develop a new electronic movement that would be just as accurate as a quartz watch, but would retain the craftsmanship and luxury of Swiss mechanical watches. The result was the Beta 21 movement, which was first introduced in 1969. The Patek Philippe Reference 3587, which was released in 1969, was the first timepiece from the brand to contain the Beta 21 movement. This new watch model featured a large gold case that weighed 170 grams and was powered by a quartz movement. It was priced at an astonishing $3500, which was even higher than the cost of the 2499 watch. The Beta 21 watches like the present reference were extremely expensive to produce and did not sell as well as expected. Today, Patek Philippe Beta 21 watches are highly collectible and sought after by collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate their unique history and rarity. The present watch is an exceptionally rare fist series Patek Philippe Beta 21 reference 3587. In addition to being an extremely rare watch, the present Beta21 is exceptionally well-preserved. While the case shows some light signs of wear, it has likely never been polished and retains all of its original shapes and angles with deep gold hallmarks. The champagne sigma dial is perfect without any defects. The integrated bracelet is intact with no visible stretch and all gold stamps present. The Beta21 movement is in perfect working order. The watch is accompanied by its original box and an additional blue dial with signs of aging and accompanied by an extract from the archives, attesting to its production in 1971. Serial Number 2,699,XXX, Year 1971, Diameter 43x41mm.


Caso Watches