Patek Philippe 404J “World Record Seaplane Flight”

Year of issue: circa 1934
Reference number: 404
Condition: worn
Status: available
Dealer country: United States
Price in US $ 15,000


On the wrist, a Patek Philippe reference 404 with a possibly unique dial featuring unusual hard enamel sector-like hour markers in the center of the dial resembling cat whiskers and what is perhaps the most outrageous and cool '7' even seen on a Patek Philippe. In fact, on close inspection, the '7' actually appears to be a modified upside-down '2' as seen in the '12'. But beyond the spectacular three-tone Art-Deco style dial and the beautiful curved long Patek Philippe & Co. signature on the dial is the engraving on the back commemorating the flight of the French seaplane the "Croix du Sud" from Cherbourg, France to Ziguinchor, Senegal. Lieutenant de vaisseau Henri-Laurent Dalliere, a French aviation legend, presumably purchased or was given this watch upon his return to France. The watch has "Fab. Suisse" on the bottom of the dial indicating it was likely originally designated to be sent to France by Patek Philippe among with a French gold hallmark on the case. I paired it with a vintage strap that I believe is from the 1940s. This piece of aviation and Patek Philippe history is available now for $15,000. This watch was previously featured on HODINKEE’s Bring A Loupe column. This watch does not include the original box and papers, has a manual-wind movement (Caliber 9’’’90 made by Patek Philippe), and includes an Extract from the Archives.


Eric Wind