NAVIQUARTZ DESK CLOCK Patek Philippe ref. 1208M Naviquartz desk clock, retailed by Tiffany & Co., made in 1981

Year of issue: 1981
Reference number: 1208M
Condition: hardly worn
Status: available
Dealer country: United States
Price in US $ 9,500


The Patek Philippe Naviquartz clocks were originally meant for use on ships and yachts, but quickly became a status symbol for one’s desk. This example features the coveted Tiffany & Co. signature. The ref. 1208 was made from 1972 through the mid-1980s. The only difference between this and the ref. 1207 is the dial color.

Product specifications

Reference Numbers: 1208M
Production Year: 1981
Original Date of Sale: March 12, 1981
Size: 19.6 mm x 13.36 mm
Dial Color: Gilt
Watch Movement: Caliber 33’’’
Accompanied By: Mahogany wooden box, Archive
CSKU: 1030
Price: $ 9,500.00


John Reardon