Rolex “The Quraysh Hawk GMT ref. 1675”



Year of issue: 1978
Reference number: 1675
Condition: mint
Status: sold
Dealer country: Monaco
Price in EUR € n/a


Astonishing example of steel Rolex GMT ref. 1675, manufactured is 1978. Christie’s: “ The present GMT-Master reference 1675 is an exceedingly rare example featuring the United Arab Emirates (UAE) crest and the Arabic text translated as “Ministry of Defense”. The present watch was presented as a gift by the then-Minister of Defense to an American friend working in Dubai. Noteworthy on the dial is the "Quraysh Hawk", printed in different 'padded layers' that create a tri-dimensional effect. At the center of the hawk, the symbol of the United Arab Emirates, is a polychrome enamel Dhow or Arabian sailboat. In 1968, Raymond Trahan moved from southern Louisiana and began working in the oil industry during the initial rise in Dubai. He was a superintendent for J Ray McDermott and helped start the 100 acre operation on Dubai Creek in 1970. When he arrived in Dubai, the city was not the sprawling city as it is today. There was little there at the time and it was the oil industry that provided the financial jumpstart that the people of Dubai needed. Raymond Trahan played an important role in completing some of the largest oil platform constructions in the region during that decade. He met Sheikh Mohammed in the mid 70’s and the two quickly became fond of each other, largely due to their shared interest in skeet shooting. In 1978 Raymond was invited to a skeet shooting competition with the royal family of Dubai. As an award for winning the competition, he was gifted this Rolex GMT 1675 watch by Sheikh Mohammed himself. The watch has been cherished by Raymond and he wore it until his final days at the age of 79, in August 2016. The back case of this extraordinary example is engraved: “PRESENTED TO R. TRAHAN, BY SHAIKH M B R AL-MAKTOUM, MINISTER OF DEFENSE, ON APRIL 2.78”  The present specimen stands out not only for its rarity and its history but also for its extraordinary condition.  


Corrado Mattarelli


The GMT-Master was developed to meet the specific needs of airline pilots. It became the official watch of several airlines, among them the famous Pan American World Airways, better known as Pan Am. Its most distinguishing visual feature was the two-tone bezel which marked daytime from nighttime hours.


As intercontinental travel developed in the 1950s, airliners began to fly swiftly across several successive time zones. For the first time it became important to know the time in various places in the world, simultaneously. It was the dawn of the jet age, and Rolex responded with a watch to match the spirit of the times.