Rolex Submariner ref. 16613 Serti Dial Box & Paper

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Year of issue: 1998

Reference number: 16613

Serial number: U88220XX

Condition: hardly worn

Status: reserved

Dealer country: Italy

Price in EUR €: n/a

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Rolex Submariner ref. 16613 Serti Dial Box & Paper Serial numbers U8220XX,1998 Case: in very good condition Serial and ref. numbers are perfect between the lugs Dial: Original Rolex dial Serti/ Sultan Perfect condition Bracelet: Original Rolex Oyster ref. 93153/401b Clasp U6 Very good condition Accessories: Box abd Paper Price 10000€ Taken from the French word “Serti” which means embedded, better to say “studded” in the context of the creation of jewelry, Rolex uses the term “Serti” to indicate any of its dials with gems, whether it be Datejust, President, Pearlmaster or others. However, if used between collectors and Rolex enthusiasts, the Serti label is normally reserved for the Submariner and GMT-Master II dials. The Serti dial features is characterized by eight diamond indixes combined with three sapphire indexes for the Submariner models and three ruby ??indexes for the GMT-Master II. In the Submariner it is available in silver and champagne versions in the ref. steel and gold and in the gold model (ref. 16618) from 1981 to the whole of 2008. The very first models mounted on this dial the very light color sapphires that showed the movement and the dater. This watch is in excellent condition, complete with Rolex original warranty. It was sold in Las Vegas in 2000 by the Tesorini dealer, Bellagio Resort & Casino. The code on the American warranty describes the Slate Servi dial literally. This watch was sold by Jewelery Tesorini, a Rolex dealer in the Bellagio casino, one of the most renowned Casinos in Las Vegas ________________________________________________________________________ Rolex Submariner ref. 16613 Sultan Dial Scatola & Garanzia Seriale numero U8220XX,1998 Cassa: in ottime condizioni Seriale e referenza sono visibili tra le anse Quadrante: Quadrante originale Rolex Sultan / Serti Perfette condizioni Bracciale: originale Rolex Oyster ref. 93153/401b Clasp I 11 Ottime condizioni Accessori: Garanzia e Scatola Prezzo 10000€ Rolex Submariner ref.16613 Sultan Box & Paper Tratto dalla parola francese “Serti” che significa incastonato, per meglio dire “tempestato” nel contesto della creazione di gioielli, Rolex usa il termine “Serti” per indicare qualsiasi suo quadrante con gemme, sia che si tratti di Datejust, President, Pearlmaster o altri. Tuttavia, se usato tra i collezionisti e gli appassionati di Rolex, l’etichetta Serti è normalmente riservata ai quadranti del Submariner e del GMT-Master II. Il quadrante Serti è caratterizzato da otto indici in diamanti combinati con tre indici in zaffiro per i modelli Submariner e tre indici rubino per GMT-Master II. Nei Submariner è disponibile nelle versioni argento e champagne nelle referenze 16613 acciaio e oro e nel modello in oro (ref. 16618) dal 1981 a tutto il 2008. I primissimi modelli montavano su questo quadrante degli zaffiri molto chiari che facevano intravedere il movimento e il disco data. Questo orologio è in splendide condizioni, corredato di Garanzia originale. E’ stato venduto a Las Vegas nel 2000 dal concessionario Tesorini , Bellagio Resort & Casino’. Il codice presente sulla garanzia americana descrive il quadrante Slate Servi letteralmente (incastonato ardesia) Questo orologio è stato venduto dalla Gioiellery Tesorini, Concessionario Rolex all’interno del casinò Bellagio, uno dei più rinnomati Casinò a Las Vegas


Stefano Mazzariol

The Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner is without a doubt one of the most successful Rolex models in history. Not only because it more than aptly served its purpose as diver’s watch, although I am pretty sure only a small number of Submariners has ever seen a spat of water. Its appearance in several James Bond movies certainly helped as well. If you omit functionality and marketing, the Submariner success is mainly due to its elegance as a timeless dress watch. It’s just one of those watches you keep looking at, regardless of wanting to know the time of day. The Submariner was launched in 1953 and officially presented at the Basel Fair in 1954. Check out my RPReport about the Rolex Submariner History by following this link...