Rolex Submariner 1680 Unpolished Red Sub MK4 Circa 1973

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Model: ,

Year of issue: 1973

Reference number: 1680

Serial number:

Condition: worn

Status: sold

Dealer country: France

Price in EUR €: n/a

Watch details

Rolex Submariner 1680 Unpolished Red Sub MK4 Circa 1973

year  1973

serial  3,68xxxx

dial  Original feet first dial Red on white Sub MK 4 in perfect condition with stunning patina and original matching hands. Killer dial with razor sharp text and bright red sub.

movement  Rolex 1575

case  Excellent and original, case has never been polished. Case shows average wear throughout, however the edges remain very sharp with killer beveled edges. The case retain its original edges, shape and size.

bracelet  Comes on an original Rolex 93150/580 band with no stretch

condition  Perfect

accessories  None

comments  This watch is completely original, with an incredible look and is in 100% untouched factory original condition, a truly great Mk4 Red Submariner that would make a great addition to any serious collection.


Jerome Fellous