Rolex The Hydra Ludion Mission Comex

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Year of issue: 1988

Reference number: 16600

Serial number: U139xxx

Condition: mint

Status: sold

Dealer country: Monaco

Price in EUR €: n/a

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Preserved in amazing condition, the present Rolex Comex ref 16600 is a historical specimen worn by the class III diver Mr Christian Planchat during the missions “Hydra Ludion 1 and 2“. The objective of Hydra Ludion missions 1 & 2 (1998-1999) was to study a new deep diving process, using hydrogen instead of helium. This new process would allow faster decompression times for divers along with greater flexibility for deep dives. This Comex is accompanied by Rolex punched guarantee, fitted presentation box with outer packaging, two hang tags, anchor, tool ref. 2100, spare links, additional diver extension, diving instructions and product literature. Further accompanied by information regarding the Hydra-Ludion mission 1 & 2 and an orange Comex bag containing diving gears.

Mov: cal. 3135. Diam: 39.5 mm. Accessories: full set.



Corrado Mattarelli