Rolex Explorer II “Orange Hand” Ref. 1655

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Year of issue: 1982

Reference number: 1655

Serial number:

Condition: hardly worn

Status: sold

Dealer country: United States

Price in US $: n/a

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Additional Photos can be found at: Untouched ultra-sharp Orange Hand on an original Oyster band. If you like the original find in the original condition, this bad boy still has all the dirt of years of use on it! I suppose someone might want to at least wash it before using it, but that’s not going to be me, not until the day its new owner shows up. Case – Stainless steel Movement – Rolex, self winding caliber 1570 Dial – Flawless, MK V Band – Original Oyster band Summary (Brand, Model, Reference, Serial #, Year, Price) Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II 1655 7431994 1982 $14,500 Highlights Incredible, Sharp Conditions Original, matching Oyster band


Alessandro Ciani


Rolex presented the Oyster Perpetual Explorer II, dedicated to polar explorers, speleologists, and all those pushing the boundaries of exploration. The watch featured a distinctive 24-hour hand, an invaluable aid around the poles and beneath ground when you can't tell night from day.