Rolex Explorer II REF 1655 “Albino Freccione”

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Year of issue:

Reference number: 1655

Serial number: 3,2XX,XXX

Condition: mint

Status: sold

Dealer country: United States

Price in US $: n/a

Watch details

No, its not an Albino Daytona but then again, its about 1/66th the price! This nice example of a 1655 Orange Hand features a 24 hour hand that has aged from a bright orange to a pale yellow. Its monochromatic look and its exceptional condition make it stand out. A great condition example of this 1970's icon.


Thick case with sharp beveled edges. Only very slight superficial marks on case evident. Original bezel featuring thick numerals in excellent condition with a nice narrow polished edge and only slight wear.


Original matte dial in excellent condition. Luminous from hands and dial match perfectly. Watch is a 3.2 million serial number, placing it in the middle of the transition between straight and bubble seconds hand. This must be one of the earliest examples of the latter.


Comes on a 78360 solid oyster band with 580 end pieces and 12 links. There is little to no stretch in the band.


Eric Ku


Rolex presented the Oyster Perpetual Explorer II, dedicated to polar explorers, speleologists, and all those pushing the boundaries of exploration. The watch featured a distinctive 24-hour hand, an invaluable aid around the poles and beneath ground when you can't tell night from day.