Rolex Datejust Ref 1603 with Black Gilt Dial

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Year of issue: 1969

Reference number: 1603

Serial number:

Condition: hardly worn

Status: sold

Dealer country: United States

Price in US $: n/a

Watch details

Gilt dials represent some of the most aesthetically beautiful vintage Rolex watches and are a collectable category of their own among enthusiasts. Choose this piece a pre-cursor to a more expensive gilt dial sport watch or as a subtle, yet special dress watch alternative, as it would look very handsome with a suit! Note the beautiful color the luminous material has achieved over time. In the right light, you can see the dial is also beginning to color change. The original Jubilee bracelet #6251H with #55 end pieces and folded links is stamped 1/69 inside the clasp. 36mm. Stock 36738


Joshua Bonifas