Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Black “Paul Newman” Ref 6239

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Reference number: 6239
Condition: mint
Status: sold
Dealer country: United States
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The Paul Newman has always been, and always will be the "King of Cool" in the pantheon of vintage Rolex. Made famous by its namesake, its otherwise known as the "Exotic Dial". This particular example shows beautiful bright colors, with minimal wear on the dial. A real stunner, you can't help but look down at your wrist several times a day if this is what you're wearing.


Case shows minor signs of wear, and no major dings or scratches. The lugs are full and straight. Numbers between the lugs are both visible and clean to the naked eye. Slight wear and scratches visible on the bezel.


Original Paul Newman "Three Color Black" dial in very good to excellent condition. Colors are bright and vivid. There is slight wear in the subdials, showing a slight discoloration on the edges. This is caused by contact from the hands to the dial. The wear is very minimal and it has not caused the metal plate to be exposed. The luminous material on the dial is slightly discolored and has likely been touched up in the past. Luminous material reacts to a UV light.


Comes on a Swiss riveted band with 12 links, 57 end pieces and a date code of 3/70. It has little stretch.


Eric Ku


Birth of a Horological Icon Timepiece  The myth around the iconic Rolex Daytona has spread around the world recent years. Always has the Daytona model been attached to motor racing, at first Rolex called their new Cosmograph the “Le Mans” and little later to “Daytona” when Rolex started to sponsor the well known U.S. speedway.
Cosmograph: a name that was to be the forerunner of great fortune. Actually, the choice of the name proved to be neither easy nor expected. Whilst Rolex on the one hand flirted with the car-racing world, on the other hand it could not remain unaware of the vast media attention, which at that time was surrounding the conquest of outer space.